A Man Needs A Vice

Addictions are tricky. Give them free rein and they’ll dominate your life. Try to kill them off and … well, they’ll still dominate your life. Oh, for a happy medium. I’m trying to make peace with my addictions. They’re pretty innocent, really. I drink too much coffee and I’m a kind of seasonal smoker. I’ll go months […]

The Narcissism of Politics

I’m starting to think that holding a political opinion — any opinion at all — is patently ridiculous. Is it anything other than a kind of exasperation — a flailing against the obvious truth that none of us matter in any objective way? This whole atmosphere of politicized self-importance has been absurd and kind of amusing for […]

A Mild Case of Not Giving a Fuck

I called off work today. Of course I lied, saying I was sick, getting a migraine, blah blah blah, but really I was just at the end of my goddamn rope. Cumulative sleep deprivation over the course of two weeks has gotten to the point of seriously fucking with me. In short, I had a […]

The Commander Within

You know, it really doesn’t matter how you feel. I keep telling myself that, anyway, because I think that one simple sentiment is the antidote to a lot of what passes for mental illness. Now, it’s easy for me to go to the other extreme and completely ignore how I’m feeling. That isn’t good or […]

Discipline is Bullshit

Okay, discipline isn’t total bullshit, but the way I tend to think about it is pretty close. It’s funny that I write this post at a time when, really, I’m embracing discipline more than I ever have. Then again, I tend to take things too far, so maybe that’s understandable. Here’s what I’m getting at. It’s actually […]

Merry Fucking Christmas

I hate Christmas. Mostly what I hate is the traffic. Yesterday I went out to run a few errands. Just normal, everyday things like getting groceries and gas. I had totally forgotten about that whole Christmas thing. It took me two hours. Two fucking hours. I haven’t even done any shopping yet. By that I mean, […]