The Commander Within

You know, it really doesn’t matter how you feel. I keep telling myself that, anyway, because I think that one simple sentiment is the antidote to a lot of what passes for mental illness. Now, it’s easy for me to go to the other extreme and completely ignore how I’m feeling. That isn’t good or […]

Discipline is Bullshit

Okay, discipline isn’t total bullshit, but the way I tend to think about it is pretty close. It’s funny that I write this post at a time when, really, I’m embracing discipline more than I ever have. Then again, I tend to take things too far, so maybe that’s understandable. Here’s what I’m getting at. It’s actually […]

Merry Fucking Christmas

I hate Christmas. Mostly what I hate is the traffic. Yesterday I went out to run a few errands. Just normal, everyday things like getting groceries and gas. I had totally forgotten about that whole Christmas thing. It took me two hours. Two fucking hours. I haven’t even done any shopping yet. By that I mean, […]

Hitting It Big on WordPress

Call me a douchebag, but it’s hard not to feel a certain loathing for bloggers. And because I’m so thoroughly douchy, I don’t exclude myself from that hatred. I feel it every time I open this shit up and start typing. There’s just something exhibitionist and sort of desperate about the whole thing. I appreciate that […]


In case you couldn’t tell from my absence, I bailed out on the van life after, oh, two or three weeks. Too ashamed to draw attention to my “failure,” I just stopped posting. Well, now that I can safely wall “failure” off with scare quotes, I’m back. Life has taken an ambitious turn for the normal. I’m […]