Renounce, Renounce! or Why I’m Switching to Decaf

I quit caffeine today. Again. For about the 20th time. Actually, I don’t feel that bad. I’m pretty lethargic, yeah, but lately I’ve been that way even with coffee. As for why I quit, it’s pretty simple: I have an anxiety disorder. It’s gotten a lot better over the past year or so — through a […]

Toward an Un-Philosophy of Life

My philosophy of life is to start projects and leave them unfinished. Chaos, absurdity, fragmentation… the non-giving of fucks. That’s my goddamn philosophy. To never make up my mind or take a definite stance on anything. To shrug and grin like an idiot at life’s biggest questions. To be a Catholic in the morning, a […]

Philosophy of Life: Starting Principles

  It turns out I’m not a very systematic person. I still want to work toward a coherent philosophy of life but I also want to leave room for chaos and spontaneity within that larger project. So instead of finding some kind of, oh I don’t know, rational starting point, I decided to just start picking […]

Toward a Philosophy of Life

Last night I had a dream about an ex-girlfriend. The details don’t matter. (Like I would tell you, anyway.) What matters is the feeling I woke up with, which lingered for several hours. In a word, I guess, it was inspiration. That girl inspired me. She made me want to be a better man. It wasn’t always […]

A Man Needs A Vice

Addictions are tricky. Give them free rein and they’ll dominate your life. Try to kill them off and … well, they’ll still dominate your life. Oh, for a happy medium. I’m trying to make peace with my addictions. They’re pretty innocent, really. I drink too much coffee and I’m a kind of seasonal smoker. I’ll go months […]

The Narcissism of Politics

I’m starting to think that holding a political opinion — any opinion at all — is patently ridiculous. Is it anything other than a kind of exasperation — a flailing against the obvious truth that none of us matter in any objective way? This whole atmosphere of politicized self-importance has been absurd and kind of amusing for […]

A Mild Case of Not Giving a Fuck

I called off work today. Of course I lied, saying I was sick, getting a migraine, blah blah blah, but really I was just at the end of my goddamn rope. Cumulative sleep deprivation over the course of two weeks has gotten to the point of seriously fucking with me. In short, I had a […]