Renounce, Renounce! or Why I’m Switching to Decaf

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I quit caffeine today. Again. For about the 20th time.

Actually, I don’t feel that bad. I’m pretty lethargic, yeah, but lately I’ve been that way even with coffee.

As for why I quit, it’s pretty simple: I have an anxiety disorder. It’s gotten a lot better over the past year or so — through a combination of exercise, nutrition, meditation, and therapy — but caffeine was the last bulwark of stupid shit I did that made anxiety worse.

Also, I’ve become utterly dependent on melatonin and Nyquil to fall asleep at night. I think that between the anxiety and the insomnia, it’s clear that I’m a ridiculously sensitive, slow metabolizer of caffeine.

So to hell with it.

Since I love coffee and not just caffeine, I’ve had a few cups of decaf. I know, I know… it still has some caffeine. But really it’s not that much, and besides: a lot of coffee’s supposed health benefits probably have more to do with antioxidants than caffeine. So I’ll keep the ritual, the flavor, and the antioxidants and cut the jittery stuff.

Anyway, yeah. That’s all, you know, just in case anybody was really interested in my caffeine habits…

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