The Narcissism of Politics

Image result for political narcissism

I’m starting to think that holding a political opinion — any opinion at all — is patently ridiculous.

Is it anything other than a kind of exasperation — a flailing against the obvious truth that none of us matter in any objective way?

This whole atmosphere of politicized self-importance has been absurd and kind of amusing for the past few months. Now it’s starting to piss me off. Especially when people respond to these observations by telling me that I’m being somehow un-civic or irresponsible for not jumping into the fray.

To me, the best part of a representative democracy is that I, the voter, am only required to give a fuck on an occasional basis. I vote for the guy whose job it is to give a fuck, then I go back to not giving a fuck.

Because in the scheme of things, I neither have nor want to have the answers. Everyone seems so goddamn convinced that they know better — that they could take over the country (or the world) and improve it. Well, fuck those people. Seriously. You don’t know shit.

And if you do, that’s great. I’m happy that you know shit. If you want to put together a campaign, maybe I’ll vote for you. But meanwhile, I’m going to continue knowing that I don’t know shit — which as far as I can tell, puts me one step ahead of all the douchebaggery going around.

Look: life is always going to suck on some level. There will always be problems. It’s like we’re all so riled up because we think we can solve every problem. We can’t. You solve one, another pops up. Such is life. So it goes. Get the fuck over it.

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