Zen and the Art of Getting Punched in the Face

The journey of Not Giving A Fuck continues. Tonight I’m going back to the Muay Thai gym I abandoned several years ago. It was no fault of the gym’s. It’s just that I suck at Muay Thai and lost patience.

Still, I find value in it. I think it was Marcus Aurelius that recommended treating everyone you meet in life as a sparring partner — not gingerly, with some kind of gooey Christian love, but with respect and strength, without taking any of their blows personally.

There’s something to that. In fact, whenever I’m regularly getting punched in the face, I find perspective is easier to come by. It’s not so bad in itself, and it definitely ratchets down the threat of mere words and gestures.

Plus, I feel like it’s another small step toward Thailand. I’ve been dabbling with the Thai language for the past week: just 20 or 30 minutes a day, for now. It helps keep me focused. Left to itself for longer than five minutes, my mind wanders from plan to plan, hatching wild schemes. Even with the van, it was like a slot machine in my brain every day: van, no van, van, no van, spinning around and around. Finally it landed on van and here I am.

Speaking of which, I’m getting more used to the rhythm of van life. My one complaint is that I’m spending fully twice as much on gas as I was anticipating. That hurts. I should still be able to save significantly more than if I were living in an apartment, but having to write that extra $120 dollars for gas into the budget definitely sucks.

The guy who pumped my gas this afternoon was interested in the lifestyle. Apparently he’s living in a camp on the edge of town, trying to save money the same way I am. He was worried about the rain and the fact that all of his belongings are in an unsecured tent. Crazy what it takes to get ahead, these days: work yourself to death or else become homeless.

Finally, a note on the blog itself: mostly I’m just trying to post on a regular schedule without worrying about making it polished or useful or any of that crap. I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it and part of me wants to tidy it up, try to fish for page views and shit like that. But then another part of me resists. It just seems like there’s something ugly and vain in trying that hard.

Or maybe I just don’t want to try that hard.

Anyway, thanks for reading yet another worthless post.

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