The Worthless One

Truly, humility is the root from which greatness springs, And the high must be built upon the foundation of the low. ~ Lao Tzu Funny how the Tao te Ching always makes me feel better — I mean, in general, but also about this blog. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to […]

Back! And Still (Well, Again) Un-Caffeinated!

It’s a minor miracle, but I am still living an innocent and carefree life outside the influence of that sinister chemical, trimethylxanthine. Okay, my life is not all that innocent. But it is relatively carefree. I’ve debated for a while about writing more on this blog. There’s something unavoidably narcissistic and exhibitionist about it. But as you […]

Renounce, Renounce! or Why I’m Switching to Decaf

I quit caffeine today. Again. For about the 20th time. Actually, I don’t feel that bad. I’m pretty lethargic, yeah, but lately I’ve been that way even with coffee. As for why I quit, it’s pretty simple: I have an anxiety disorder. It’s gotten a lot better over the past year or so — through a […]

Toward an Un-Philosophy of Life

My philosophy of life is to start projects and leave them unfinished. Chaos, absurdity, fragmentation… the non-giving of fucks. That’s my goddamn philosophy. To never make up my mind or take a definite stance on anything. To shrug and grin like an idiot at life’s biggest questions. To be a Catholic in the morning, a […]

Philosophy of Life: Starting Principles

  It turns out I’m not a very systematic person. I still want to work toward a coherent philosophy of life but I also want to leave room for chaos and spontaneity within that larger project. So instead of finding some kind of, oh I don’t know, rational starting point, I decided to just start picking […]

Toward a Philosophy of Life

Last night I had a dream about an ex-girlfriend. The details don’t matter. (Like I would tell you, anyway.) What matters is the feeling I woke up with, which lingered for several hours. In a word, I guess, it was inspiration. That girl inspired me. She made me want to be a better man. It wasn’t always […]